About Traducland

Traducland is a group of highly qualified professionals whose priority is providing work of high quality and accuracy. Our team of translators is well acquainted with the requirements of the companies for which we work and we know what they want to transmit.

Often market success simply depends on a good translation. In fact, sometimes companies decide against expanding to a foreign country just because they do not know the language of that market. Allow us to break these barriers for you.

Why choose Traducland?

Because we always send our translation and localisation projects for the agreed deadline.

Because we know that a poor translation is not only a waste of time for our customers, but also the possibility of not achieving the desired market objective.

Because our promise of translation quality guarantees you immediate recognition and trust on the market.

Because we have a documented personnel selection system: all our translators hold university qualifications (specialists - engineers, doctors, pharmacists - linguists and language graduates) and have more than five years' experience and good references.


What we provide

At Traducland, we provide professionalism, trustworthiness, quality, prompt deliveries and expansion solutions...

We are experts in bidirectional translation. Contact us and we will send you an estimate in only a few minutes.

We also provide a website localisation service. At Traducland, we help you present your products to the entire world . Choose the language into which you want to translate your website and contact us.

Our rates always include translation and revision and each process is carried out by a different translator. Traducland also guarantees that your translations will be delivered for the agreed deadline.

Our business model is based on four principles:

  • Confidentiality 
    Every member of our team signs a nondisclosure agreement. All our translations are processed as confidential documents.
  • Translation project management programme 
    At Traducland, we work with online translation project management software (GD Proyectos), which provides our customers with access to information as important as the status of the translation, files and the translators involved in the project... As a tool, it allows us to select the ideal translator for eachproject.
  • Forum 
    Our translators use our own forum for contacting other translators and solving any doubts they may have regarding their projects.
  • Translation tools 
    At Traducland, we have the most widely used translation toolsTrados, SDLX, Wordfast Pro and SDL Studio 2009. Working with CAT tools (Computer Assisted Tools) means that our customers can benefit from reduced costs since we can count the number of words, phrases and sentences that are repeated in the text (units that are translated at reduced rates) and, in combination with our computers and communication tools, we can provide an effective service of high quality.